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Previously I’ve written a tutorial to recover your roblox forgotten password, now I think it’s very related with the solution of how to get your hacked account back so a player can do roblox sign in again. It is actually very easy.

My friend got his account lightingboy2000 back. 🙂

So first, go to your email, then compose one to

So, if the account has Builders Club (BC), tell them this. For example:

Hi, my username is____________ and it got hacked by a user. My information on buying the BC Membership is State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Card Number, etc.

Include your first and last name. Also, ask them to reset your password… So, in a little of time, you will get an e-mail looking like this:

roblox email2

See? there is a link to reset the account password. Then, later. You will get an e-mail looking like this:

roblox email3

So now, you’ve got your hacked account back.

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