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Hi Robloxs!! I want to tech you how to insert obj wavefront into roblox, that is something really important. Fisrt off, I would recommend downloading Notepad++ from here then install it.

Next, Now you should download your favourite 3D file. I recommend using because most files are .obj, which is the standard 3D file format. So let’s go there now. As an example I will show you download Wii Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Wii.

go to and enter luigi circuit on the search box there.


Open Up the .zip folder:


Copy paste the files to your desktop so it’s easy to find. CTRL+C for copying shortcut :3


You will not have the Microsoft works logo on the file.. I don’t know why it’s like that on mine :p

Right click on the .obj file and select Edit with Notepad++. You don’t need the .mtl file. It’s not that important.


Now all of these random numbers and letters come up. Not to worry! Just press CTRL A, or right click and press select all, then copy it.


You can close out of it now. Now open the Roblox Studio. Open up your base 😀


Buy the .obj script on ROBLOX here. It’s called Object Importer v.1.2.2 (FREE for EVERYONE).

Alright. Now, open up the MeshFile script and watch video tutorial below!

If you were lost on any of thet, here is what I did:


1. Delete was there
2. On the first line, write wait(1)
3. On the second line, write _G.Mesh = [[

4. Press CTRL V, or right click and paste, all the data you copied from Notepad ++

Now close out the Mesh file.

Click RUN! (or the green button)


And watch it draw!


There you have it! Wii Luigi Circuit! 😀

This works as long as you import an .obj wavefront file.

Okay guys! I think is easy to make good game on Roblox if you have the tricks.

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