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For those who are playing Roblox games in a computer or mobile devices that are possible to be used by other people. It is important to always log out from the Roblox account before finishing the games playing. The log out process is important to make your account always safe and will not be accessed by other people. Besides, you also can save the best achievement you make in the last gameplay, make the game always in your desired setting, etc. And the most important purpose is to make your data well-saved inside the game.

For those who don’t know about how to logout of Roblox yet, you can follow some steps below. There are some options of logout according to which operating system and device you use for playing Roblox games.

Logout of Roblox for Android Users

The way to logout of Roblox will be slightly different in each operating system. For the mobile device users with Android as the operating system, follow some steps below to logout;

  1. Get into the Navigation Bar on the mobile device, get to the bottom side and then tap More.
  2. See the upper right position and then click the icon
  3. Find a Log Out option in the popup window and then click it to logout.

Logout of Roblox for iOS

For those who use a mobile device with iOS for playing Roblox games, you can logout by following some steps below.

  1. Get into the Navigation Bar of the Roblox screen, access the bottom side and then click More.
  2. Click Settings from the options
  3. From the setting menu options, click Log Out button.
  4. A pop up window will appear and then click Log Out.

Logout of Roblox for Computer

It is also very easy to logout of Roblox for those who use computer to play the games.

  1. Click the Setting icon on the upper right corner of the Roblox screen.
  2. From the options, choose Log Out. Then you will be easily logout of the screen.

Difficulties to Log Out and Log In of Roblox

Every Roblox player should log into their Roblox account before playing the games. To log in, you simply need to enter your Username and password. If you don’t have them yet, then you need to Sign In firstly. However, you may also face some difficulties to log in and logout. If you face such issues, it is commonly caused by the date and time that are not correctly set in your device. So the solution is only by updating the date and time setting in the device. The date and time setting can be done inside the Setting menu of the device.

If the log in process is success but you can’t see your Robux and can’t click the Home Screen options, you can solve this problem by logging out of the Roblox and then signing back into it again. If you still have some difficulties to log in to Roblox, then you should access the official website of Roblox to get more options of problem solving.

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