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If you search How to Make a Portal to Roblox in your browser, then the results will be a lot. And the most results which will come up are the videos. There are a lot of videos which show you how to make a portal to the Roblox. It can be from Minecraft to Roblox or to another place.

There is a video entitled Minecraft How to Make A Portal To The Roblox Dimension – Roblox Dimension Showcase by SmoothMarky. This video was created on April 28, 2017. But, after one year of uploading the video, the amount of the viewers has only reached 180,000 viewers with 782 likes and 126 dislikes. We do not know whether we are able to make a portal to the Roblox Dimension or not. If we read the comments of the video, some of them say that it is fake. So, if you want to know, just watch the video until the end.

The duration of the video is 7 minutes 47 seconds. Besides, there is also another video that you can watch entitled Roblox Tutorials | How To Make A Portal To Another Place!. This video was uploaded by Samuel – Roblox & More! on August 31, 2016. Same as the previous video which we mentioned, this video does not have many viewers. Until now, there are only 824 viewers with 5 likes and 8 dislikes meanwhile the video was uploaded 2 years ago. We do not know whether this the steps that he shows is real or not. To prove that, you are able to watch the video and try to make what he made by following the steps which he shows. If you want to know more about how to make a portal to Roblox, then you are able to ask other Roblox players in a forum or group.

Well, talk about portal. There are some games about that. If you try to search it in the search box of Roblox, the results will be a lot. Some of them are Portal by SuperLuigi2007 with 1 maximum players, Portal Roleplay by TiffanyElectricity with 15 maximum players, Roblox Portal by mattheweva with 8 maximum players, Portal Heroes with 6 maximum players, Portal TM with 10 maximum players, Portal Tycoon by BTS Productions with 4 maximum players and many more. Among those games which we have mentioned, the game with the most viewers is Portal Heroes. The game which was created by SirMing was created on June 9, 2016 and the last update of this game was on July 16, 2018. This game is categorized into RPG. Until now, this game has been visited more than 18 million times with 200,939 favorites.

It addition, it also has more than 50K likes and 5,973 dislikes. If you are curious about this game, you can start to play this game first. The second game with the most viewers is Portal Tycoon by. This game was created on August 13, 2018 and the last update was on September 15, 2018. Until now, this game has been visited more than 1 million times with 7,286 favorites and 760 likes.

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