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Hello Robloxs! welcome again here. Today I will show you how to make an Ad on Roblox 2016, It is very simple but you guys just follow my step! by a step and everything will be ok. You know, that create an advertisement will help tou to make your game famous in Roblox so you will get tons of Robux and it’s the best way to get rich in Roblox as I post on the article yesterday.

Let’s start:

1. Enter Roblox
2. Click at Develop!
3. Choose a game you like to AD on it or a group or whatever you like to make AD on it!
4. Click the something which is near the “Edit” word it’s on the right way!
5. Select the Advertise!

make roblox ad

6. Choose things from these 3 choices! you can choose any one (ad size) it will work prefectly! trust me guys 🙂

make roblox ad 2

7. Then use “Download” button to upload your banner design.

By the way, the following 2 video tutorials that you can try “how to make GOOD Ads on ROBLOX” by using Photoshop and Paint.



The good ads will increase CTR or get best conversion for your game traffic.

8. After finding the right ad templates, give a name for your Ad Title then you press upload! And to activate ad -> click on the gear icon on the right and select RUN. Then enter amount or how many bid you want to spend (Bid by ROBUX which currently you have).

To see the ad spend and ongoing advertising statistics, see again in the menu ‘Develop’ -> your ‘User Ads’ tab. You will see the number of clicks, impressions, CTR and BID.

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