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Robloxs! I want to share tips how to make Iris Door work for you. You need ‘Wiring’ item, or today it can be found in the roblox model/library which I’ll show you on the following video tutorial.

Maybe the video below was made in 2012, but I am still happy to talk about it because playing Roblox is my passion and of course it is fun!

Okay, let’s place the iris door in a random place (where you want it).

Choose a button and place it somewhere it does not matter where!! Usually hit number 6 (the 1 that looks like the internet signal on a laptop).


Then you hit the button it should work, if it did not then you did it wrong so try again and it opens for like 10 seconds. So it would be good for protection.

roblox iris door

There you go you have a workinng from 1 side IRIS DOOR yay!!!

Many tricks to make automatic door for any games, now you can use Roblox Studio to create it such as sliding door, VIP door, a secreet auto open door, etc. It was very useful and interesting specially for type of adventure or spy games.

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