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Roblox might be one of the most interesting multiplayer online games that are available these days. Playing this game is so fun since you can design your own characters and you can create many things in the world of Roblox. However, if you play this game for the first time, there are many things that you need to learn first. One of the most essential things that you might want to learn is how to create realistic clothes for your character.

Basically, there are clothes that have already prepared for your character in this game. You can choose these default clothes based on your personal taste or read also about Roblox shirt template. However, you also can create your own clothes as well.

The problem is that sometimes the clothes that you create don’t seem real enough. If you want to create more realistic clothes in Roblox, the first thing that you should do is opening MS Paint. This application is available on any Windows OS. After that, visit the Roblox website to get clothes template. Save the template to your PC and open the template on MS Paint.


After that, go to any clothing websites on the internet and choose any clothes from these clothing websites. Use Print Screen button on your keyboard to save the image of the clothes from the clothing website. Save the image of the clothes from the clothing website and send the image to MS Paint on the same window where you open the clothes template. Next, place the image of the real clothes inside the clothes template. Make sure that you place the image of real clothes on the right parts of the template.

After you’ve done, save your project. Then you go to the Roblox website and open your project there. The realistic clothes that you’ve created now appear on Roblox website. You can use the available tools to perform final edits to your design. Once you’ve done, you can apply the clothes to your character directly on the Roblox website.

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