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Play a game of course very menyanangkan, many things you can play in Roblox, especially beautify your game, many items interesting item in catalog Roblox of course many goods there pay. You can pour your creativity in roblox by making your own shirts, surely this is an interesting thing. I will give you a guide how to make shirts on Roblox, you can listen to this article until the final paragraph.

You can start this method by saving it as PNG, BMP or JPEG format file you have created, if the shirt template already exists. You can use Photoshop app to make it. And you should store them in high quality image format in terms of image resolution and sharpness. You will not be able to change the design of your outfit after uploading it so be sure to do all your efforts to produce your cool hands! There are hundreds of unique modes in Roblox, you will create something unique in your collection of items.

How to Make Shirts on Roblox
This video is your guide to how to make shirts on Roblox. You can watch the video below:

You need to know that How to Make Clothes in Roblox like the video above, you have to be a group admin that played the team together because you can not play alone of course with the team It turns out a bit disappointing knowing there is something that could hamper your journey to create your improvement as a fashion designer Cool! In addition, you can not make other clothes, because this option is available to members of BC membership exclusively that you can get by you guys !. This limits you to creating clothing that you can create in Clothes. However, you can make Clothes, which you can wear yourself and very cool of course different from the others.

After you make your own shirt then you need to upload it to Roblox you have to upload it manually. Then Go to group. Go to the existing Store then search for your image and give it a unique name so you do not forget the file format you created earlier, it’s just a technical thing guys!

The next step please select the Upload button listed in Roblox. Sanda must be patient to wait a few seconds until the file is successfully uploaded, you will get a message saying that your clothes have been successfully uploaded. Do you understand? If not, understand the video above.

And now the shirts you are making now are included in the wow inventory! It’s cool Go to inventory and find new clothes uploaded.
Then you select the Use button in the top right corner of the shirts if you want to change.
And fun to be creative in playing

You can upload as many clothes as you want You can create as many templates if you can, yes! Of course, and wear yourself with the pleasure of your own imagination. If you want to expand the inventory of the item collection in Roblox, for the next step if you want to create shirts again you can repeat the procedure.

You may be sleepy if you keep reading you can try to drink tea or coffee first. While reading this article and practicing the above steps, basically Creating and uploading clothes on Roblox is pretty easy if you understand how, but unfortunately there is no possibility to sell it for free, is a feature of Premium membership in this game. Will allow all users to trade their clothing. Thank you for reading this article until the last paragraph, hopefully this article useful for you. Hopefully your shrits collection more and more.

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