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cool-roblox-avatarThere is actually certain way to make cool Roblox without ROBUX or BC if you really want to make unique and personalized look. Many players find the Robux as limited while BC doesn’t give you the exact freedom to be creative. Here is a little guide to know how to do it. Check this out.

How to Get the Outfit

First, you need to log in into your profile and go to catalog. Then, choose on the desired category. For example, if you want to change your Roblux T-shirt, get into the T-shirt category and scroll through the options. You can type the name of the particular shirt you want then select it. Now, look at your URL address and see the number on your URL. You need to change the last number with “minus one” order. For example, if it is ended in 5, you need to replace the “5” with “4”. Then, re-enter the new URL address you made. It will display the same item in your new URL. Save the outfit picture on your drive. When you are done, you can use the image to create a new one. If you save new T-Shirt, you can attach the image and enter the file name you choose to create a new T-Shirt. The same procedure should be done on each of outfit item you want.

Important Note

This is not automatically replacing your current Rolux outfit. You can customize and choose your newly created items as usual and you should find your new items on your directory.

This can be complicated at first, but you should get the hang of it once you try it. In fact, as it still works until now, this can be the best way to customize your Roblox look for now. You can do it over and over and make a cool Roblox without ROBUX or BC all the time.

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