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Do you want to be a rich man in Roblox? just follow my steps how to get Robux more and more anytime with turn your good roblox games become famous and most visit. Tips that I would share it’s not roblox cheats but my best tricks both for newbie and pro.

Let’s roll out guys!!

First open up your Roblox Studio

Okay we have 3 ways to make your game famous:

1. Advertise your game

See my tutorial How to Make Perfect Ads for Roblox!

make roblox game famous

How to do it:

first make an add witch size:

– 728 x 90
– 160 x 600
– 300 x 250 you can choose

make roblox game famous 2

It is easy to make with paint! Then advert the game by uploading it (see tutorial on a video below!!)

After you prepare all necessary information as a video above, then go to advertising and Run Ad. You can see a Traffic Estimator that will you get as from your Bid (Place Bid with ‘Tix or Robux’).

2. Second Way

A second way is making an original name!!! Don’t make a name that is used in 10 games or something it’s need to be original!

Another way is to choose a good genre. For an example I choosed my game ‘Military’ because many who love it. I’ve provided a link at the beginning of the paragraph, how to make a perfect game and could be popular, you please read carefully.

Mining money is actually no need to use robux generator, you learned enough the scripting skills, have new ideas (anti-mainstream), and cooperating with other developers to make places crowded and turn it into VIP or Super VIP. To be able to do many things, a Roblox player is required to become Builders Club, trust me.. I believe that.

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