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Pizze has been redefining what everyone expects from the cafe industry ever since the introduction in 2017. This one leads the cafe market with highly innovative features, immerse gameplay, and beautiful designs. The experienced staff team of teh cafe is dedicated to serving its ever growing community, and to empowering the truly unparalleled cafe experience.

Fizze really has the best staff to make everyone satisfied. When they hire the employees, they try to hire the best ones. A lot of people think of interviews on Roblox in general as terrifying and extremely stressful. If you do not read this guide then you will continue feeling terrified and stressed. If you follow these following simple steps to pass the interview in a multiplayer online game (including Fizze Cafe), you will ace it and finally get your dream job.

  1. Look professional

When you look professional, you have a high chance of getting the dream job that you have always wanted. You have to make a good impression. For boys, you are able to buy a suit from virtual stores such as Kestrel or Gucci. As for the girls, you are able to go to Kestrel as well, and shop for a nice dress. For those who do not have Robux, you can just work with what you have. In case the interviewer makes a comment on the outfit, please tell them that you are short on Robux.

Actually, outfits are not everything. However, this one reflects your kind manner and how professional your determination to succeed. a certain player that looks professional does not necessarily act in a professional manner or have excellent grammar. It is fine to use free clothes as long as you look professional.

  1. Show on time

Showing up late is the last thing that you have to do. In order to be on time, you can set a timer on your computer to remind you to join the server. Usually, the server will lock as soon as the interview begins. You are encouraged to get there around 10 -15 minutes early. If you do not make it on time, you do not have to worry as there will always be another interview. If you manage to show early then the MRs and HRs will think of you as an achiever and extremely organized.

  1. Be grammatically correct

Apparently, most places want you to use grammar, so use it. You are recommended to practice beforehand to lock it in your memory. Aside from that, spelling is also important. With grammar, you need to make sure that you type fast and read what you are writing to double check that there are no errors or mistakes.

  1. Be polite

No one wants a rude and immature player, so try your best to be polite and compliment the interviewer or ask them how their day was or something similar to that.

  1. Sit still

No one wants to see and to hire a hyperactive maniac. So, please be calm and relaxed.

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