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When you play a game for the first time, you may not know how to play it and what you need to do to control the game. If now you have a plan to play Breaking Point on Roblox, you need to know how to play this game and here we are going to inform you about it.

In Roblox, Breaking Point is a game which was created by Paradox. This game was created on February, 8th, 2017. This game can be played by 16 players and the genre of this game is horror. Now, this game has been visited more than 188 million times and has been favorited more than 1.5 million times.

Now, how to play this game? The first thing that you have to do of course you have to join the game and then choose the server where you want to join. It is important for you to know that in the game of Breaking Point, there will be some game modes and in each mode you will play different things so that you need to know how to play in each mode.

Here they are:

  • Russian Roulette. In this mode, players will use a gun and aim it at themselves. The gun has an opportunity of firing eliminated the player.
  • Who Did It. In this mode, a player will get a gun and can kill whoever they want and the survivor’s vote for who they think has the gun, the person with the most votes die. In case the murderer dies, all survivors win. If murderer kills all except one person, he or she wins.
  • Duel Vote. In this mode, two players with the most votes will fight and each player selected draws a knife and battles another player. The player who can survive goes back to their seat.
  • Breaking Point. In this mode, a random player decides who gets eliminated. A random player gets a gun where they are able to select whether to kill in secret or in public. If the player decide to kill in secret then the map to be dark while the killer gets night vision. However, if the player decides to kill in public, then all players can witness the killer choose a victim.
  • Duck Duck Stab. In this mode, it is like Duck Duck Goose except the duck has to knife fight the goose. There will be a random player who choose a goose and the player who can survive goes back to their seat.
  • Free For All.┬áIn this mode, every player will be given a knife. They will be released from their seats and kill each other.
  • Juggernaut. In this mode, a player will be chosen as the Juggernaut and will take multiple knives without dying. All players will be given a knife and the Juggernaut will need to kill all other players and other players will cooperate to kill the Juggernaut.
  • Hot Potato. In this mode, a player will be chosen and given a potato and the player needs to pass the potato around which can explode at any given moment to kill the player that last held it when the potato explodes.

There are still other modes in this game and you can read it completely in the Roblox Wiki.

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