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These quite popular games are very fun to play, especially Roblox: Lumber Tycoon 2, the Adventure type, therefore this game is very me guys!! You only with 20 robux used to buy the ax. Yep first your capital is ax, after getting the ax you have to look for wood and sell it in Wood Dropdof, beside Shop.

How to Play Lumber Tycoon 2 on Roblox


  1. The first you should do is buy Axe in SHOP. Purchase a yellow ax, then Grab, then drop it on the counter. afterwards Chat With Tom, and press E
  2. Having bought the ax open it with: Pointing cursor to the yellow box, then press E Open Box, then grab the ax by pointing the cursor and Press E.
  3. Having got the ax you have to find a tree and cut down the tree, then sell the tree in Wood DropDof, beside Shop.
  4. For a fast way, you have to cut one full tree, then take one of the full tree beside Wood Dropdof then cut the stalk and insert to Wood Dropdof.
  5. After get a lot of money, your next goal is to buy Land in the Land Shop. The Land Shop is located next to the Wood Shop. To purchase the land you have to have 100 Dollars.
  6. After buying the Land, collect more money as much to buy a car for 400 dollars. After paying car in the cashier you should bring the car cardboard in your land, then press E and Open box. Put your car in your Land.
  7. Collect as much money by finding a variety of expensive wood. Then buy a more expensive ax in order to quickly cut trees.
  8. So that the price of your wood is expensive, should buy a sawmill in the Shop. After paying sawmill, take it to the land, such as buying a car put that sawmill in your land.
  9. Cut wood and take it to your land, the wood input to the sawmill that you buy, then sell wood out of sawmill.
  10. Develop your Land and also Sawmill, buy Conveyor in Shop to simplify entering the wood at the sawmill.

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