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I want to tell best ways to making Roblox lag less, so you can play with good speed. Everyone hate slow speed, it’s not fun!

Here some tips to speed up Roblox:

reduce lag on roblox

1. Roblox is a Flash game based, so make sure your browser and Flash Player extension is up to date.

2. Set graphics level settings to best perfomance (LOW LEVEL). You can do that in the Main Menu, just press ESC key on the gameplay then see there. Please change ‘Automatic’ setting to ‘Manual’. Adjust some visual quality according to your computer specs (especially RAM & VGA Card). If your PC/Laptop has medium specs I think you can reduce more your graphic details…little bad but very good for loading speed of game.

The best way is upgrade your computer hardware.

If you have a problem to load the settings of a place, you can change it in Roblox Studio.

Here how:

– Open the Roblox Studio -> click on Tools -> select Settings (SystemMenu UI) or can also click the File -> Settings (RibbonBar UI).

– a popup window will appear, click ‘Rendering’ on the left column. Then click OK.

– Here manually you able to set graphics level as your necessary quality setting.

3. Check also your internet connection speed, minimum is 10 Mbps.

4. If you are using Windows 7 turn off windows update on when playing online games because it will take a lot of the internet bandwidth:

Click Start Menu – right click on the Computer, select Properties – on the left below, click the Windows Update – on the left click Change Setting – change to Install Updates Automatically (recommended) become Never check for updates (not recommended).

5. Optimize your Windows performance by:

Click Start Menu – right click on the Computer, select Properties – on the left select Advanced System Settings, After that on the Advanced, click settings.. on the Performance, you can change Let Windows Choose What’s best for my computer become Adjust For best performance. (Maybe your Windows theme will look like windows classic style).

But if you are not satisfied with the solutions above, you can see my video with the title “how to remove lag on Roblox 2016

Now, I think your gameplay will speed up. That’s the best way how to reduce lag on Roblox. Many tricks that I want to share here, just come back anytime to get more update from me.

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