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We believe that you often say bad words while playing Roblox either intentional or inadvertent. Saying bad words are certainly caused by bad or chaotic circumstance. It usually happens when you get fraud from your enemy or other players. So, you spontaneously say the bad words to swear them at all. We can say that it is so reasonable to do. Then, how to say Roblox bad words?

In the game of Roblox, saying bad words are related to the term of swearing as well. As we know that swearing can be a bad habit that you must totally control or stay away if you can. But, in fact, to avoid saying bad words while playing game is exactly hard. Indeed, every Roblox player certainly ever says the bad words although he/she is a kind person at all. To stay away not to say bad words in playing Roblox is so difficult. But, by saying the bad words, actually you can release your disappointment soon.

In fact, it is so hard to say bad words while playing game, it is because there is a chat filter in Roblox that prohibit you to say it. However, most of Roblox players are looking for the information about how to say Roblox bad words easily. Certainly, there are some ways that you can do to say bad words while playing Roblox. Absolutely, those ways can be done by Roblox players so easy because we just change the words in typing. What is the example to type the bad words in Roblox?

To say bad words in Roblox, you must change the words when you type it when playing Roblox. Indeed, change typing for a word can result the bad word at all.

  • Shit can be changed to be “shitty” with underline under each letter.
  • Shit can be typed with s* just put “*” ot shit to be shijt.
  • Pills can be changed to be “piIIs” with the two capital I’s.
  • Weed can be changed to be “wed” with quotation mark.
  • Meth can be changed to be “mef”.
  • Bitch can be typed by bijitch.
  • Ass can be changed to be as.
  • Crap is not filtered.
  • Hell is not filtered. So you can type it originally.

Besides, change the typing of words that you want to swear. You can also use the chat bypass script to make it easier. The script can be found on Here is the script!

–Type /e before your messages. Lowercase only.


if a:sub(1,3)==”/e ” then

local b = “VVV “.. a:sub(4) ..” VVV”

game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”).DefaultChatSystemChatEvents.SayMessageRequest:FireServer(“”..string.gsub(string.gsub ——– (b,”Q”,”Qá Ž”),”W”,”Wá Ž”),”E”,”Eá Ž”),”R”,”Rá Ž”),”T”,”Tá Ž”),”Y”,”Yá Ž”),”U”,”Uá Ž”),”I”,”Iá Ž”),”O”,”Oá Ž”),”P”,”Pá Ž”),”A”,”Aá Ž ———— (The script still continues)

Now, you already know how to say Roblox bad words. But, it is better for you to avoid it and think to say the bad words twice. It is possible if you say bad words, the bad thing will come to you. Make sure that you are playing Roblox patiently and calm down to drive away your stress.

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