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Hi guys! This time the author will share information about How to script on Roblox. There are so many creative people who explore Roblox, maybe you will be creative, this information is for those who do not understand what scripts are and those who can not write a line of code, this information will teach you to create awesome and cool stuff , Which may interest the reader into this topic of discussion, this article will teach you how to script so you can at least understand and learn all the tutorials and scripts created by other players.

Scripting is one of the mechanisms that actually make blocks in this game by doing many things, without scrip body members characters in Roblox will not move when you walk and a rifle will only be a set of sections held by the characters you create, in short This scripting is what makes your Roblox character alive and makes the place you crawl more fun, and it’s also very understandable that people want to learn how to make it and do it so as to make the world in Roblox more colorful, if popular belief thinks scripting is a hard thing, Different from in Roblox. You must understand first before you find it difficult, you can easily create a script in Roblox, read this;

OK! You need Roblox Studio now. This is a program that allows you to edit places with powerful tools. If you install this Roblox program on your computer, you also have to run Roblox Studio program, you can run it in Start Menu> Roblox> then Roblox Studio and Now you will see normal ROBLOX site as you know before now now go to File located In the bar at the top of the screen> New or Roblox Places> Me> My Places are not Build, you need to pay attention to this. You will now see a bunch of bars and clouds you most likely did not understand before.

You can see it on the right of the screen.

  • Explorer means all the objects in your place, including the place itself.
  • Property means when you select an object in the explorer or inside your viewport and the object will be displayed.

Then At the top of the screen

  • Toolbar means Icons with all sorts of tools you can use to change where you like moving or resizing components and so on. Talk to this tool and see what you can do with them, then Once you get used to what every tool does, make a brick and resize it to make the floor your creativity.

To create a script, go to the insert menu at the top of the studio> Objects and click 2 times Script and now you can start creating scripts, this information will not be in the depth of writing the script, just give a basic understanding of it. The first step: the text in the script is called code or source, double click the script in the browser to see the source.

The first thing you should know about scripting is the way. And the path is a piece of text that represents the object you are in, in the script where you are called the game, and the object that holds all the objects is called a workspace.

If you want to run your script, click the green “play” button at the top of your device screen, and if the script name changes to whatever you input, congratulate you successfully! And your script works.

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