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You want to participate in selling stuff in Roblox and currently only B-C, T-B-C & O-B-C members can participate in personal sales. You need to know! In addition to such sales and other trades, only a few items of products are marked as Limited or Limited U which you can sell. Suppose the item is limited or Restricted U then there will be a logo icon that declares it as an image below an item’s picture when viewing the details page or while browsing the current catalog.

For you to sell items that meet the above requirements, first open the details page when you see. While there is a tomblick click the gear icon above the box containing the Buy Now Prices & Buy button inside the page. Then you select Sell Item on the menu that appears. Then you will be given a box that lets you set the selling price.

And you need to remember! Please be careful during the pricing process you install. Short story you set a price that deviated and selling price for example cheap price can cause goods sold immediately, Roblox will not be able to reverse the transaction you process.

Easy Way to Create and Sell Your Own Products

If you want to make pants, shirts or shirts from scratch, you can also sell them. For steps how to make and sell clothes, please click here.

Here’s the story I’m Buying an Item, but Not on My Inventory?

Some examples where you guys may have bought the item but can not find it in your inventory guys !. If this happens, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. If only for a while may not all succeed you in this case. In this case, wait a little more and you can see again.
  2. Look at every page of your cool inventory. Chances are it may not show up on the first.
  3. If the item is free make sure it is not a model or decal in the game. Players often create cool models or decals that look like official Roblox items for use in the game’s in-game decorations. You can check these two sections in your inventory to make sure. To find out the difference before buying, you can see the item type under the heading in the geme in the item details page.

For those of you who are still confused about how to sell stuff on Roblox you can also learn more deeply on the official page. Thank you guys for reading this article guys! Have a nice play

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