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How to increase the movement speed of the player in Jailbreak? If you want to know its way, so you are able to read this. For your information, since May 2018, the thing called speed hack in Roblox is only reliable once you play the game Roblox ‘Jailbreak’. For running the hack, you need to have the Windows computer.

However, if you want to do it, you have to remember that the speed hacking is against the Terms of Use of Roblox. So, if you do a speed hack in Jailbreak, it is not possible if you get a banned from using Roblox.

There are some steps to speed hack in Jailbreak. Let us see steps by steps below.

1. At the first step, you have to ensure that your antivirus is active. As we know that Roblox hacks are often targets for malicious files and other undesirable consequences. For this case, it is better for you to ensure that your antivirus is active to prevent the damage of your system if the file you download is malicious for some reasons.

2. The second step, you have to check the bit number of your computer. Apparently, you are going to need to know this bit number once determining which version of the speed hack tool is best to use.

3. The next step, you have to download the speed hack file. To do it, you are able to go to the download page of the speed hack. Then, click the red Download button. Please, wait for the ZIP folder to download.

4. After that, you have to unzip the folder. In this step, you have to double click the download folder, click the ‘Extract’ tab which is located at the top of the window, click ‘Extract all’, and click ‘Extract’ when prompted. This step is going to extract the folder and open the unzipped version once the extraction is complete.

5. Then, you are able to open the folder named “Check Cash V3”. Please double click to do it.

6. Afterwards, you have to open the folder named “Roblox NOPED (NOT PATCHED)”. This folder is able to be found at the top of the folder.

7. The next step, you have to open Jailbreak in Roblox by going to the Jailbreak account. Then, click the green Play button. This is going to open Jailbreak game in your Roblox Player. For note: you will be asked to install it before you are able to play the game if you do not have Roblox installed.

8. The eighth step, you need to minimize Roblox. Please click the “Minimize” button which is located on the Roblox Player window when a Jailbreak server finishes loading.

9. The ninth step, you have to open the CCv3 program.

10. Then, please enter the code. Type in 755662487 in the text box to the right of the “Hex” check box.

11. The next step, you have to click “First Scan”, select the “Found” codes, click the “Copy” icon, select the codes in the bottom window, replace the codes, and then save your code. Finally you are able to enjoy your speed hack.

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