How To Take Group Funds In Roblox 3/5 (2)

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Roblox player need to know how to get your group funds into your regular account currency.

So, first you have to go into your group and access the group admin panel. Once you’ve done that, on the left side find Payouts. When you have found that, click it.

roblox group funds

On this page click on the “Distribute” under On-Time-Payout

Where it says “Search Group Members” add your name next to it and hit search. You should see your ROBLOX character, click them.

roblox group funds 2

A bar should pop up. Type the amount of ROBUX out of group funds that you want to get into your account. Note your group has to have them.

Once you have done that, click Pay.

roblox group funds 3

Then, you should get the robux into your account.

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