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In Roblox, there is filter in chat. If there is something which is categorized into forbidden things, it will be banned or filtered by Roblox. Not only filter in chat but also there is regulation that Roblox users do not upload or use something bad. If we talk about something which is banned in Roblox, you may have heard about Jenny R34. You are able to find her in Twitter and her account name is @JennyRoblox. You are able to see that she is a new Roblox R34 maker by seeing her twitter profile. Then, she also states in her twitter profile that she only responds to DMs from the people she follows.

If this is your first time hearing about Jenny R34, you may not have a clue about her. Well, she is a girl who likes to posts something which is not suitable for kids. If you are under 18, never try to open her twitter account. In her twitter, you are able to see that she often post pictures of Roblox character with no clothes or related with sexual thing. It is not good particularly for kids. If we can find something like this about Roblox, then you may wonder whether playing games in Roblox is safe enough or not. You may be afraid that kids will find something like Jenny R34 if they play games in Roblox.

Well, actually Roblox has safety features for players. By the existence of these features, parents do not need to be worried. You may be curious what safety which is used by Roblox. Roblox gives the users and also parents a number of parental controls and safety features. It is done by Roblox to make an playing environment which is not only fun but also safe for all Roblox users. One of the safety features is in chat. Chat on Roblox is filtered and it is done to prevent inappropriate content and personally identifiable information from being visible on the site. Players will have different safety settings and experiences on Roblox based on the date of birth which set on the account. If you do not know how to adjust the chat and interaction settings of account of your kids, you need to follow the steps below.

  • First, you need to click the Privacy option and it will bring you to the Privacy Settings page.
  • In this page, you are able to adjust the Contact Settings and Other Settings
  • Roblox users who are 12 years old and younger will be allowed to choose either Friends or No one. But, Users who are 13 years old and older have additional options on who can interact with them.

Besides, parents are also able to see what their kids doing on Roblox. Parents are able to do that by seeing the history for certain account activities. When logging in, parents can see the histories from related sections. If parents want to check the account’s site chat history with other players, they need to open the Chat and Party window and it is located in the bottom right of the page.

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