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Hello robloxs? do you know LDShadowLady ?? She is now the most popular cute girl in Roblox. Do you want to know her age? Allright I will give info about her!

LDShadowLady pictures

LDShadowLady has name is Lizzie she was aged 23 years – born October 7, 1992, a professional gamer from England. You know, she top girl while playing Minecraft and Roblox.

Lizzie is a pretty girl, unique and very talented no wonder now become a YouTube Millionaire.

LDShadowLady Roblox

Just look at the following video, how she talked about Roblox.. all be funny moments!!

Wow amazing.. that girl has had more than 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Some people ask me, is LDShadowLady married?

LDShadowLady with Joel SmallishBeans

Not yet, today is still dating Joel SmallishBeans. Lizzie told she would marry her boyfriend later.

LDShadowLady Roblox Username

LDShadowLady Roblox 2

LDShadowLady aka Lizzie has Roblox name as MissSiberiaa

As one a popular roblox player you will be very honored to play games with her.

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  1. Lizzie’s Roblox account is MissSiberiaa and her account got hacked. The one that hacked her account is DominusTrexV2. He had twitter and he said he wants lizzie to follow him so he can dm her… Her Roblox avatar is now naked with a boy on the face.. this rlly terrified me… BTW follow me on Roblox: MissSiberea, i’m a fan of her so i name my roblox name like that…

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