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Before was changed to Lua C Executor and Full Lua Executor, it was called Synapse. What is Synapse? Synapse is named as one of the exploits for Roblox. This one has an upgraded version which is named Synapse X. Synapse X can be described as the amalgamation of years worth of knowledge put into the single, simple program that despite its simplicity are able to do a lot of things than what you expect.

Synapse X is such the refinement of the skills, and ultimately the combination of the will of its users and of its developers. According to the official website of the developer of Synapse (Yar Vin), this one was released on October 31. As it has been released, you are now able to get the new version and try the one.

Talking about Synapse, there is a thing called Synapse Script Executor, which is now called Lua C Executor or Full Lua Executor. Lua C Executor or Full Lua Executor is the term to call the multi platform utility. This one allows you to execute the scripts against one or multiple databases. Each script is able to be executed interactively via the user interface or packaged in self contained executable and shipped to the intended users.

Here is the Lua script Executor as shared by Scelt. This one is the new Full Lua Executor level 6-7 free version. Everyone thinks that this one is better than Trigon. There are two ways of the Lua script Executor free version Roblox as shared by Scelt. The first thing that you need to do is to open up and make the Lua script Executor work folder. Then, find Roblox Studio. The next thing that you need to do is to open file location. After that, open file location again. When you are done, you have to select 2nd folder form up and drag them to another folder.

If you want to try the second way, then you have to own Roblox Player. First, open file location. Second, open file location again. Third, drag them to the folder. If you did it on Roblox Studio, then you do not need to do it again. Fourth, drag the key into the Lua Executor rel folder. Fifth, if you open the folder then drag the key to the bin folder. Sixth, click OK. Seventh, open Lua Executor. Doing that step will download the file. Then, choose the key and submit. Eighth, you are ready to re-launch.

If case you face the error, please open the Task Manager, scroll down, and close the Roblox that is working on the background. Do not forget to close it from there and now it opened. It seems fine but scripts on the list does not pop up. In this case, all that you just need to do is to wait until it is attached. If it says ready, then you are ready to execute any script. Apparently, the script itself works.

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