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Miners Haven is the name of the game on Roblox. This game was created by Berezaa Games on June 12, 2015. By playing this game, you will be able to use a variety of droppers, upgraders, and furnaces to make the most money possible. Aside from that, you are also able to buy some items from the shop to make your base look better and to enhance the gameplay.

Miners Haven is quite popular. As per February, 9, 2017, this game has been played 57,000,000 times, liked 211,000 times, and been favorited 452,000 times. All the numbers have made the game getting a lot of awards such as Community Excellence Award (Winner 2016), Game of the Year (Nominated 2016), Best GUI (Nominated 2016), Most Time Playing (Nominated 2016), Most Time Playing (Nominated 2015), and Favorite Breakout Game (Nominated 2015).

Talking about Miners Haven,Berezaa added Berezaa Games Radio which is also more known as Miners Haven Base Radio in the late 2015. This one is a free model that created by the developer for the others to use. the radio itself is located on the bottom left corner and features the volume control. Please take a note that if you want to listen to the in game sound effects but not the actual in game music, you can find the quick alternative to the Roblox’s volume control that can be found in the ESC menu.

There are three controls of the Miners Haven Base Radio. The first one is selecting the Pick Icon that allows you to listen to Tobu music which was added in 2016. The second one is selecting the Orange Icon that allows you to listen to the other in game music. This one can be listened to by everyone in the server. In the past, this one would play nothing unless the user payed 5uC to play the song uploaded to Roblox of their own choice. One of the advantages is that you are able to change the radio at any time. If the song that has been played more than 10 minutes, you are able to change it for 5uC.

If a certain song has been played for 1-9 minutes, you are able to change it for 10uC. If the song has been playing for less than a minuted, you are able to skip the song for 30uC. The third one is selecting the Green Icon that allows you to listen to the Global Radio. With this one, you are able to listen to any server but costs 120uC to change. The players that have Executive pass are able to change the Custom Radio for free as long as they do not skip. Actually, the Global Radio has been the controversial feature due to the users changing the Global Radio to songs that the other users have found annoying such as loud audio, songs that designed to be low quality, and sometimes that are not Roblox appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact the developer of Miners Haven.

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