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In this time, we are going to talk about how to do money glitch in Jailbreak. When you type and search ‘Money Glitch in Jailbreak Found’ on your browser, you are going to find some videos show about money glitch in Jailbreak. In this case, you are able to watch a video entitled “Money Glitch in Jailbreak Found’ from the channel YouTube of ZephPlayz. The video was published on Nov 1, 2017.

Now, you are able to get information about how to money glitch in Jailbreak by watching that video. In the video, you are able to see his avatar which is in panda head, run in the prison area. He is wearing a blue clothes that indicating he is a police officer. After that, he runs to a prisoner who is wearing orange clothes. Then, he is going to find a little bit jokes from a prisoner.

Besides that, in the video you are able to see that his avatar tried to escape from the prisoner. Actually, you are able to escape to punch something or break the wall. Actually, you are able to escape from the prison by doing another way. For this case, you need a keycard. If you have a keycard, then you are able to escape through a tunnel. You are able to jump to the wall when you escape through the tunnel, and you are out. Afterwards, what happen with his avatar? Does he can get money? Yeah, of course, after his avatar escape successfully then he is going to get money. It means that to do money glitch in Jailbreak, you are able to do escape your avatar from the jail.

Until now, there are many people who interested to do money glitch in Jailbreak. As we know that as one of popular games on Roblox, Jailbreak game is also one of the best games. It is able to see by viewing lots of visitors. Even, Roblox Jailbreak ever reaches 1 billion visits. A game that was created on January 9th, 2017 by Badimo is also successful in getting more than 9 million favorites and more than 3 million likes from the Roblox players.

For your information, Roblox Jailbreak is able to be played by 26 maximum players and it categorized into Town and City genre. If you never play this Roblox Jailbreak game, so we suggest you to try to play it now. We are sure that you are curious about the gameplay of this game. You have to know that on this game, you are able to role-play as a police officer or criminal. If you select to be a police officer, so it means that you have to stop crimes and uphold the law. But, if you select to be a criminal, it means that you have to cause crimes and break the law. There is cash as an in-game currency. This currency is able to be acquired from the daily paycheck at 5 AM. By using it, you are able to purchase new vehicles, safes containing cosmetic items, and even bribing to get more of it.

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