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Here I have list of most played Roblox Games of all time from a friend. I show in tabular form on the list last year, 19 April 2015. Perhaps now the number of roblox players was little changed, but I think the following statistic remains accurate.

Popular Roblox Games

Here list of 6-10 top roblox games:

  • Catalog Heaven from Seranok (30.6 million)
  • Natural Disaster Survival from Stickmasterluke (28.9 million)
  • The Mad Murderer from loleris (28.88 million)
  • Sword Fighting Kingdom from TheGamer101 (28.84 million)
  • Apocalypse Rising from Gusmanak (28.7 million)

Which do you prefer more? maybe we can play together so that more fun!

I just got info from Roblox Admins, following official list of top roblox games according to them, see HERE

Please share your Roblox experiences in the comments, I see every day the data is  fluctuating due to the number of millions players in the worldwide.

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