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A lot of people like playing games in Roblox. No wonder why it happens because Roblox has fun features which can make people like spending their time for a long time in this online gaming platform. Besides there are fun features like chatting with other players, the amount of games which is millions, customizing avatar, uploading audio, affiliate program, there is also a feature which enables the users to create their own games. So, the number of games in this platform will increase again and again because anyone can create it.

Along with the popularity of this online gaming platform, there are also Roblox users who also get popularity because they play Roblox games and then they review it or show the gameplay in their Youtube channel. Besides, some other Roblox users are popular because they create awesome game and then the game become popular because a lot of people like playing it. So, there are some ways to be popular in Roblox but those two is the most common things that people do. Some popular games creators are Coeptus, Badimo, Simbuilder, Alexnewtron, Nikilis, Dued1 and some others. Then, how about youtubers?

There are so many including Flamingo, Denis, Poke, DanTDM, Tofuum, Sketch, GamerGirl, ronaldOMG and many others. Well, talk about Roblox Youtubers, have you heard about NateVang? He is a Roblox Youtuber as well with 113.385 subscribers. He is from United States of America and based on the profile in his Youtube channel, it is known that he has joined Youtube since September 28th, 2014. Until now, he has got more than 14 million views. In his Youtube channel named NateVang, he uploads videos about hacks and exploits of Roblox games. However, there are also some videos about Roblox funny moments series and you are able to watch them in his playlist.

Some of them are New Fortnite/ Island Royale Aimbot Hack, How To Get Infinite Rocket Fuel For Free, and Trolling Noobs with Reach Hacks in Booga Booga. For hacks and exploits series, you are able to find so many of them like New Roblox Juno Level 6 Hack/ Exploit Script Executor, New Roblox Impact Level 7 Hack/ Exploit, Get Admin and Rainbow Wings in Seconds and many others. If you look at the list of his videos of hack and exploit, you can see that there are a lot of hack/ exploit videos of level 7. Some of them are New Roblox SK9R Level 7 Hack/ Exploit Best 2018, New Roblox Impact Level 7 Hack/ Exploit Working, New Roblox Bleu Level 7 Hack/ Exploit Best, Roblox Elysian Level 7 Hack/ Exploit New, Roblox RC1 Level 7 Hack/ Exploit and many others. If you need to hack or exploit a certain game, then you can visit the Youtube channel of him and you are able to watch them.

Well, if you also want to be popular like other Roblox players as we mentioned above, you are also able to do that as long as you make something positive and fun.

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