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There are a lot of Roblox players who are famous. It can happen because they create a game and then the game become popular or it also can happen because they make a video about Roblox and the video get a lot of viewers. For them who get popular because of creating video on Youtube, what kind of videos do they make? If you seldom watch them in Youtube, you may not know.

Well, usually they make videos of gameplay of certain games, review it or showing how to cheat, hack or exploit in certain games. Some Roblox players who are also youtubers and they are famous now are DanTDM, Denis, Poke, Flamingo, GamerGirl, ronaldOMG, Sketch, Tofuum and many others. For Roblox games creators who are popular now are Coeptus, Badimo, Simbuilde, Alexnewtron, Nikilis, Dued1 and many more.

Well, talk about Roblox Youtubers, there is also a Roblox Youtuber named NateVang. Have you heard about him? Or maybe, do you like watching his videos? NateVang is from United Stated of America and it is known that he has joined Youtube since September 28th, 2014. Until now, he has collected more than 113.000 subscribers. In his channel, you are able to watch Some videos that he made are Roblox Hacks: Jailbreak Shoot While Driving In New Fall Update, How To Be Hacker In Super Power Training Simulator, Get Admin & Rainbow Wings In Seconds and many others. Watching his videos maybe make you want to know more about him including NateVang Wixsite. If you try to search NateVang in Roblox search box, the results will be the hashtags.

However, if you search this name in your browser, then you will discover an account where the avatar is not wearing clothes. We do not know whether this account is the real account of him. This account has 24 friends and 96 followers with no following. Now, the bodyparts that we is wearing is Roblox Girl Torso, Roblox Girl Right Arm, Roblox Girl Left Arm, Roblox Girl Right Leg, Roblox Girl Left Leg, Man Face and Brown Hair. He has only 2 items in his collection and they include Red Roblox Cap and Verified, Bonafide, Plaidafied. For badges, as you can see that he has Homestead, Veteran, and Friendship.

For player badges, he has You Visited!, Advertising, Surfer, Visited The Maze Runner!, First Time! and Cargo Ship. If you see in the statistics, he has joined Roblox since 11/7/2013 and his place has been visited 203 times. If you try to search NateVang in, you will find a video named How to Get VIP Gamepass For Free In Jailbreak. In description under the video, he gave you a link to NateVang Wixsite. Unfortunately, when you try to access the link, it seems that the website is error. Besides, he also gave his Discord link. If you one of people who want to visit the Wixsite of NateVang but you are failed, then you are able to contact him through Discord or through his Youtube channel.

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