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Robux is an important thing to have in Roblox. It is because Robux is the main currency in this online gaming platform. It means that if you do not have Robux, we are not able to buy anything while there are a lot of things that we can do by having much Robux.

Robux can be used by Roblox users to buy items like shirt, pants, and accessories so that they can customize their avatar. Then, they can also use Robux to buy game passes, upload audio, access certain games, create badge, upload thumbnails for their places, and create groups. Without having any Robux or having not enough Robux makes you not able to do those things. Moreover, if your avatar is not stylist enough because you do not have any Robux for buying the items, you will end up being bullied as noobs by other players. To get Robux, there are several ways.

  • First, you are able to get Robux by being a member of the Builders Club and then you will get Robux everyday.
  • Second, you are able to get Robux by selling pants, shirts, and place access and then you will get 70% of the profit. You have to note that to do this, you need to be a member of Builders Club.
  • Third, you are able to get Robux by buying Robux in the Robux page.
  • Fourth, selling game passes can also generate Robux. It can be done by Builders Club and also non Builders Club members. However, there will be difference of profit that will be got by Builders Club member and Non Builders Club member. If you are BC members, you will get 70% of the profit and if you are non BC members, you will get 10% of the profit.
  • Finally, you are also able to get Robux by joining in the Affiliate Program.

Those are things that you have to do to get Robux legally. Then, how about getting Robux by playing certain games which promise free robux? Usually, Roblox games which promise you to get free Robux is a scam. Those kinds of games just want to fool you so that you visit the games. You are able to watch a video of NicsterV in Youtube entitled Playing Roblox Games That Promise Free Robux. In the video, he tried to prove whether those kinds of games really give him Robux or not. He tried to play the game and you can see how he played the game. Then, in the video, you will see that he hoped the square and it ended up with a pop up message which offer him whether he wanted to receive the rewards of R$ 50,000 or not. If you want to receive that, you have to enter your password. Well, this is what it is said as scam. If you give your password, they will be able to access your Roblox account and then it is not impossible that they will steal your account.

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