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On Roblox, there are lots of limited unique faces. One of them is Prankster. This Prankster Roblox was published by Roblox on December 31, 2009 in the Roblox catalog. If you see the appearance of Prankster Roblox, you are able to see that it has a mouth with a pink tongue, closed eyes, and lowered eyebrows. Based on the research, formerly, you can buy this Prankster Roblox with the cost 95 Robux. It has 2,500 in stock. We get information that this Prankster is the 8th most expensive limited unique face item on the catalog of Roblox.

Do you interested to buy it? Then, Prankster Roblox has all genres. Actually, Prankster Roblox was a retexture called the “Know-It-All Grin”. It is a face which made by Roblox on April 30, 2010 in the Roblox catalog. Since August 25, 2018, the “Know-It-All Grin” has more than 106K favorites. You have to know that this Prankster Roblox only 1,944 copies exist. Since June 22, 2018, it has been 32,315 favorite.

If you visit to the Roblox wikia, you can see the description of the Prankster which states that you did not believe your mom once she said your face would freeze like that, oops! A one of lots of limited unique faces, there are many people who want to own this one. Fortunately, today is still available for sale. So, let grab it fast! The Prankster Roblox has average price between 85,000 -90,000 Robux and it has a trading value of 110,000 Robux. To buy this limited unique face item, you can also connect with the resellers of Prankster. There are some resellers of Prankster. Here are some of list resellers of Prankster Roblox including its cost.

1. N_cy: R$92,999

2. Smrvfs: R$93,000

3. Fewchore: R$113,998

4. Fienx: R$113,999

5. Jhin_TheVirtuoso: R$116,500

6. Michaelthedestoyer; R$117,000

7. Wizardswork: R$119,000

8. iOraca: R$120,000

9. MrAwesome521: R$120,770

10. SoarinsSin: R$127,999

The text above is some of list resellers of Prankster Roblox. You are able to see that N_cy sell Prankster Roblox with the cheapest cost, it is R$92,999. If you want to buy the Prankster Roblox with the cheapest price, so you can buy from N_cy. Then, there is the most expensive cost of Prankster Roblox. It is R$127,999 from SoarinsSin as reseller of Prankster Roblox.

Talking about Prankster Roblox, we will also share about Prankster Rbx Rocks. If you want to look for the information regarding Prankster Rbx Rocks, easily you just need to visit the official website of Rbx Rocks. After you arrive at the page of Prankster Rbx Rocks, then, you can see the description of Prankster, RAP, value, demand and the last commitments. Today, the RAP of Prankster is 91,361, the value of Prankster is 115,000 and it has normal demand. On the page of Prankster Rbx Rocks, you can also see the last commitments. There are lots of owners of Prankster Roblox. According to the date of Rbx Rocks, the total owners of Prankster Roblox are 1,951. Some owners are, Ayatul, Artecho, RCXI, jw460, Chamintly, hellavika, fishgirl1, m2mm4m Latsha, yuntec, Jaalii, and many more.

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