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To get much Robux for free, certainly it is needed some excellent ways to do. However, getting much Robux can be mentioned as a complicated way. Many users think that it is a simple way to do, but not as imagined. For now, there are dozens of instant ways to get Robux. Do you want to know how it works? Just keep staying on this page!

As we know that getting much Robux needs some ways based on the rules. As we know that getting much Robux needs some ways based on the rules. If you are a veteran Roblox player, you may already know how to get Robux. In fact, there are two ways in getting Robux both of legal and ilegal way. But, depending on Roblox official, a legal way must be a main way to do. Unfortunately, lots of Roblox player keep looking for the instant way to get Robux, can be an illegal way. If you want to get it using illegal way, you have to be careful because some troubles may exist anytime.

Well, you do not worry because we will share you how to get Robux for free using a simple way. Unfortunately, we are not sure that this site is legal because most of them is not workable and just a fool. One thing that you have to do is to visit a site called RBXNow.gg. If you do not know about this site yet, it is better for you to stay on this page.

RBXNow.gg is one site that offers Robux for free for every Roblox player. In this site, you are able to allow some rules as well. There are three offers that this site gives to you. Each offer has different level: Top Earning, Easy Offers and Fast Robux. Actually, you are allowed to choose the good one based on your needs. To know more them for detail, we show them in each point below!

  • Robux Wall 1 (Top Earning)

The first offer can be called as the top earning to get Robux. In this offer, you are faced by two options: Join Discord and Subscribe to YouTube. Each offer give you 1R$ if you allow it. Besides two options, you can also take some offers in which you must complete some surveys. Certainly, there are some partners which have cooperation with this site. They are Football Quiz (4R$), Second Life (9R$), GrabFreeMOney (R$30), Prizes Drop (59R$) and many more.

  • Robux Wall 2 (Easy Offers)

This offer is a little bit different from the first offer. In this offer, you are allowed to install, open and play for certain apps. The apps can be on mobile and PC at all. They are FAZ Zona Azul Salvador Digital (iOS), Tile Shiled (iOS), CariParkir (Android), ICANDO (Android), Yuno Surveys and many more. The amount of Robux for this offer is starting form 1R$ – more than 50R$.

  • Robux Offer 3 (Fast Robux)

If you take this offer, certainly you will get Robux for free fast. Indeed, this offer consists of three options to take: Desktop, Android and iOS. For the offer in each device is totally same both of the form of offer and the amount of Robux. You are allowed to get Robux by completing some surveys inside. The surveys come from OpinionWorld, YourSurvey, SSI Survey, YunoSurvey, Speak Up, ValuedOpinions and Uno Champ Quiz. The amount of Robux from this offer is starting from 5R$ – 70R$.

In this rbxnow.gg, there are some important menus that support you to get Robux easily. It is needed as the navigation if you visit this site. They are:

  • HomePage
  • Earn Robux
  • Referrals
  • Hourly Giveaways
  • PRomo Codes
  • Languanges
  • Connect Roblox Account

Here are the simple ways for you if you want to get Robux from this site. Here we go!

Step 1: Make sure that you have a Roblox account

Step 2: Visit https://rbxnow.gg. Then, you will be directed into HomePage

Step 3: Click Connect Roblox Account button on the top right of this page

Step 4: You will see the three offers: Top Earning, Easy Offers and Fast Robux. Choose the best one as you want

Step 5: Take and complete the surveys.

Step 6: Your way is totally done if you successfully get Robux.

Well, if you want to get Robux for free from this site, make sure that you understand for the rules inside. This is because by understanding the rules, getting the Robux for free is totally handy for you. Good Luck!

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