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The global online platform bringing people together through play called Roblox has announced it surpassed 100 million monthly active users. Every month, players around the world spend more than one billion hours engaging with the more than 50 million user-created experiences on the platform.

Those 100 million monthly active users are supposed to come to Roblox to play the games and follow the rules set by Roblox. However, in the process, they are some of them that broke the rules and want to be a troll.

You might have encountered the Roblox players who roast the other Roblox players. What is roast? The term “roast” is used to call the act to humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback. Basically, they say a mean joke for a specific person. Here are some examples of roast people lines in Roblox:

  • You’re yellow like the skin or trumps hair.
  • Stop being having autism.
  • My mom is builderman so back off knob.
  • Go commit breathen’t.
  • You were born out of your dad.
  • Boy, you think you funny but look at ya hairline be looking like the macdondald symbol.
  • Did you get tired of minecraft?
  • Do you honestly believe everything *insert Youtuber here* says?
  • The fact that you play anything on the front page proves that people are like sheep.
  • Yo mama so ugly that not even John Doe will hack you.
  • Yo mama so fat when McDonalds told her ice cream machine broke she ate the ice cream machine instead.
  • Yo mama so fat that when she died and went to heaven god could not even push her out.
  • Your mom is so ugly she caused the twin towers to collapse.
  • Yo mama so fat, NASA thinks they had found a new planet.

Those are some of the examples of roast people lines in Roblox. If you want to know more, you can join the community of Roblox and ask the members of the community. If you want to experience it by yourself, you can try to play games and see if you find roast.

For a troll, roasting is fun. Usually, they feel pleased just by roast people. For some of them, it is more fun when the one roasted gives the reaction. It is even better if that one is mad. It means the roast that they do is successful.

On the other hand, some people that get roasted are calm. They take roast as a fun thing that does not need to take to the heart. Instead of being mad, they usually prefer to roast back the people who roast them. Some of them think that roast them back is the best option, especially when they are knocked and cannot do anything.

Some Roblox players really love to roast even if they is a rule set by Roblox to make the healthy environment. Bad and inappropriate words are normal and cannot be separated when they are playing games. To them, using those kids of words can express their expression better.

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