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Roblox has cooperated with a toy company named Jazwares to make Roblox toys. The toys of Roblox are small mini figures and playsets and it can be collected. The mini figures and playsets are based on various popular Roblox characters, users and developers. Each toy has a unique code and it can be redeemed for a special exclusive item depending on the toy that you purchased, you are able to get a lot such as a Ringmaster, Shedletsky.

One of the figure that you can buy is The Abominator. Who would have though driving to the supermarket can be so fun? You are able to tear down the streets of the neighborhood of Robloxia with a turbo-charged muscle car which beckons you to put the pedal to the medal. This toy comes equipped with a heavy-duty steel roll cage and a brutal spiky bumber. This item is designed by Roblox developer Q_Q, this fearsome hot rod is the chariot of the options for the road hog in all of us. If you buy this item, it includes 1 figure, 1 vehicle, accessories, collector’s checklist and exclusive virtual item code.

In Amazon and Target, you can buy this toy for $ 14.99. You are able to go out for a sin with this exhilarating vehicle set, featuring a unique character, accessories, and a vehicle. You are also able to mix and match parts to build your own unique Roblox character. Decking out your figures with the included accessories can be done by you and it will be fun if you collect all your favorite Roblox figures today. Where can we buy this toy? Besides in Amazon and Target as we mentioned above, you are also able to buy this in Ace Hardware Stores, Best Buy, BI Mart, Blain, Books-A-Million, Calendar Holdings, Claire’, Cracker Barrel, CVS, Hobbytown, Game Stop, Hot Topic, Kmart, Learning Express, Nexcom, Journey’s Kidz, Value Drug, Wegmans, Toys R Us, Shopko, Walgreens, and some other shops. If you want to know where to buy this based on the country you live, you are able to check it in the website of and then click on Where to Buy section.

In that site, you are also able to find the Roblox characters which are made into toys. Some of them are Stylz Salon & Spa: Makeup (Mix & Match Sets), Days of Knights (Mix & Match Sets), Fashion Famous (Playsets), Citizens of Roblox (6-Pack Assortment), Monster Islands: Malgorok’Zyth (Core Figures), Neverland Lagoon: Crown Collector (Core Figures), Hayley: The Tech Mage (Core Figures), Ninja Assassin: Yang Clan Master (Core Figures), Ninja Assassin: Yin Clan Master and many other figures. Those are very cool. You are also able to make them as cool display in your house.

By having these figures, you are able to bring the imaginative world of Roblox to life with all-new action figures and playsets inspired by your favorite characters and experiences. You can also mix and match the parts to make your own unique Roblox adventure.

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