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When you want to control a game, you are better to know about chat commands. And when you want to control Roblox game, you have toknow about Roblox Admin commands. Have you known about Chat admin command? It is special messages which are typed in the chat windows to control the game. Read the information below to know more about some types of chat command.

Running Code When a Player Chat

You have to use Chatted event when you want to run code when a player chats. But, the problem is, we don’t know the player who will listen to it, because there are no players when the game starts up. So, what we have to do? We have to listen to each player when they enter the game. We do it by using Player Added event. Then, you will use process Command to know about the Speaker and message.


Roblox Gear Codes for kohls admin house

Here are the Place ID:

Simple Commands

After doing the simple steps above, we know about the function of process Command, and we know about Speaker and message. So, you just need to use it easily. For example, if your player said message, you just need to input his name to the output.

Making Admins

Now you have made your command. But, you don’t want the command to be used by random people. So, what should be done? You canuse a table. Just make your own function that will return true if the name is in the table.

Better Admin Commands

After doing steps above, you may have mastered chat command so much. You have known the right steps for doing it, knowing the name of the table, and more. But you may not know about how person299 can kill. So, use better admin commands to get all letters in the string from start position to end position

Well, those are the information for you about Roblox chat command. Hopefully it will be useful for you.

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