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As a good Roblox player we need to know Roblox admins list or names so you can touch them when have a problem. Do you still remember what happened on 2 year ago about incidents twitch?

There are 3 Roblox admins who was fired from company since the words unpleasant for 2 minutes talked negative about their website while online chat (live). They are JacksSmirkingRevenge, Snowbl0x and B1tsh1ft. They are not aware that conversation recorded and a lot of players from around the world listened them. Lack of respect for other gamers like BereGhost.

Okay, back to the topic.. here my update the list of latest Roblox admins:

roblox admins

To see the list of administrators, check out our links below:

Keep in mind that they are not entirely become moderator or responsible for any Roblox player, because some of them are staff and employees who have other duties, but with the instructions of my earlier you can already tell the difference.

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  1. Hi, My son downloaded the Rolox game on his XBox ONE recently, having trouble to play the game, he want to join his friend’s party, it always show “ERROR code:108” I tried to search on internet for solution, however, not much luck. But I managed to change some settings on his XBOX ONE device under the privacy setttings though! It still not work, any idea or advice? Pls help! he was pretty upset that most of his friends join in and play the Roblox and he can’t! Thank you.

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