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Do you like playing the game of Phantom Forces? If you like playing the game of Phantom Forces, you may know lots of information about that game itself. You may know that Phantom Forces has a built-in votekick system which is designed to allow a majority vote of players to kick someone from the server.

Based on the research, it is intended to be used against abusive players or exploiters. A player is able to start a votekick by typing /votekick:playername, where the playername is a player’s username. The partial usernames are accepted as well. For your information, a complete votekick command would look like:




When the votekick is initiated, the other players in the server is able to vote on the votekick by pressing Y to vote yes, N to vote no, and J to dismiss the popup and abstain from voting. You have to remember that the vote kick lasts for 30 seconds. Voting yes adds one vote, while voting no subtracts a vote. This is possible to have a negative vote count. In this case, if the votekick expires, so no action will be taken. If the needed amount of yes votes is reached, regardless of how much time is remaining, so the player being voted upon is going to be kicked from the server immediately.

Then, once a player is votekicked from a server, so they will no longer be able to join that specific server, instead being kicked with the message that you have been kicked from the game appearing. In this case, if a votekick fails, then there is a global cooldown between votekicks before another votekick can be started by anyone. For your information, Votekicking a player does not submit a report to Stylis Studios. Reporting an exploiter can be done by reviewing the instructions in Banning System.

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