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Playing games in Roblox will not be bored, it is because there are millions games are available in that site and it ranges in a wide variety of genres. Fighting, sports, adventure, sci-fi, medieval, naval, military, town and city, and RPG can be found in this online gaming platform. One of the games in Roblox which is liked by a lot of Robloxians is Assassin!. Do you like playing this game too?

Assassin! game is created by prisman on March 9, 2016 and it was updated on September, 30 2018. The maximum players of this game is 8 players. This game is categorized in fighting genre. So, if you like fighting games but you have never played this game, it is recommended for you to play this game. Until now, more than 409 million times this game has been visited. More than 1,900,000 this game is favourited and more than 608,000 this game is liked. In this game, you have to hunt your target.

However, you have to watch out for your assassin. Then, you have to be the last standing in this game. Collect hundreds of knives and get your reputation as the ultimate assassin. For passes, there are only 2 game passes in this game including Radio for $325 and VIP for R$ 399. There are also some game badges that you can achieve including Trader, Level 5, Level 10, Level 25, Level 40, Prestige 3, Prestige 5, Prestige 10, Competitive Top 10, Competitive Top 100, [Halloween 2017] Monster Hunter, and [Halloween 2017] Zombie Crafter. This game has a community and you can join it. The name of the community is Assassin Community which is created by prisman and now it has 138046 members. If you want to join, just click a link in the description of the game or you can type in Assassin Community in the search field in Roblox. You are also able to follow account twitter of the creator of this game @prismangames.

Well, talk about Assassin game, you will need some codes to get some items like pet or knives. To know the codes, you are able to follow the account twitter of the creator @prismangames as we mentioned previously. Sometimes, he announces the code through his twitter account. So, follow his twitter and make sure that you do not miss any twit of him. Besides announcing codes, he also always announce the new update of the game in his twitter account. To know the codes, you are also able to watch the video of this game in Youtube. There are some videos which contains about the codes of Assassin. Some of them are Roblox assassin codes: assassin codes for exotic (Roblox Assassin Exotic knife codes) assassin codes, Roblox assassin codes: New roblox assassin code (Roblox assassin code for Pets) assassin codes new and Roblox assassin codes: New Roblox assassin code [Working 2018] assassin Roblox code: Assassin codes. Those videos can be watched in the channel of Roblox Assassin – Mike.

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