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In the past, you are able to make a clan and you may want to name the clan with a cool name. So, you are looking for a clan name generator. Is there a clan name generator? Let’s find the answer here.

If you try to search clan name generator on your browsers, you will find some results and some of the results are some games on Roblox with clan name generator. Here they are.

  • Clan Name Generator! Empire Update. This game was created by MapleHash and it was created on December 30th, 2011. The last update of it was on December 5th, 2014. It can be played by 30 players and the genre is military. Now, it has been visited more than 490 times and it has been favorited 13 times.
  • Clan Name Generator *Alpha*. Emess created this game and the game was created on November 7th, 2010. The last update of this game was on January 10th, 2012 and it can be played by 12 players. Now, it has been visited more than 3k times and has been favorited more than 100 times.
  • Name Generator. This game was created by supyo40 on November 8th, 2018 and the last update was on September 28th, 2019. This game can be played by 10 players and it has been visited more than 1.5k times with about 30 favorites.

However, if you want to name your clan, you are able to use name generators such as Username Generators and Spinxo. In Spinxo, you are able to find name by entering certain words to one or some boxes there. The boxes include Name or Nickname, Things you like, What you are like, Hobbies, Important words, and Numbers or Letters. After you entering certain words, then you have to press the Spin button. And you will be able to see the recommended names from the results.

Well, talk about the name of clan, do you know that clan on Roblox now was removed? Clan was removed now so that Roblox players will not be able to use anymore. The removal of clans was privately announced on December 12, 2018. On a DevForum, an administrator on Roblox said that now that Leaderboards and Player Points have been sunsetted, Clans are not meaningful part of the Roblox Group experience anymore. In addition, the administrator also stated that over the next few months, Roblox would be sunsetting Clans completely to be able to simplify the experience of user. All users who bought a clan will be refunded when removed. Then, clans were officially removed on January 23rd, 2019.

As you are able to read the explanation of one of the Roblox administrators that if you bought a clan on Roblox and then now you know that the clan was removed, Roblox will refund so that you are able to get your Robux back. So, you do not need to be worry about your Robux since it will go back to you. We know that 500 Robux that you use for making clan is not a small number. By this amount of Robux, you are able to buy items on Roblox catalog.

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