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Roblox is a place for playing games which is fun because of a lot of features in it. Do you like playing games in Roblox? If yes, how long have you been in that online gaming platform? If you have been a Roblox users for a long time, you may be familiar with Clockwork Calculator. But, if you are new in Roblox, you may not have a clue about this.

Clockworks Calculator can tell you what level you are in Roblox. A level calculator is a calculator which can permit you to input some statistics about themselves and that then gives you a level. The level that you get will depend on the values that they gave. You are able to count your level with a level calculator. After that, you can put that level on your profile. Clockwork calculator is the most known level calculator and it can be found on Roblox HQ website. But, there are also others, even though the most are based the similar formula namely miked’s BC formula.

Let’s find out about about the origin of this formula. In June 2007, users are invited by staff to suggest formulas. The formulas are aimed to calculate the worth of a user. After that, the staff would select one of the formulas to award BC to a certain group of users to test a new feature. Miked was the winner of this. His formula calculated the level by taking variety inputs, giving a certain importance to each and giving back a level from 1 to 99. If you want to try to calculate your level, you are able to do that. You can find a page in the internet to calculate this. Just type ‘clockwork calculator’ and then you will find -1. Alternatively, you are also able to visit To check your level, there is a form and you have to fill in it. In the form, you have to fill in your place visits, month played, number of friends, KOs, wipeouts, and forum posts. After that, click on “Calculate My Level” button. Then, you will see the Level and ranking that you are able to add to your profile. There is also additional test that you can try. In that Advanced Statistics, you need to enter your specialty, building level, popularity level, fame level, forum level, and battle level and then click on “Get Special Badges” under the form.

Talk about this calculator, it will be related to Roblox ranks. This was a site which was made in November of 2012 by Uuvinu which caught the attention of a lot of users and got featured on the blog. The website looked at the stats of accounts and at the content of the site to give a rank to players. Then, the owner has given the site to Shedletsky who seems to have given up the project and leave it broken. Well, you are able to try this calculator to find out which level you are.

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