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After Roblox available for Xbox One, Roblox for PS4 will be released soon. Therefore please you first join in PlayStation®4 group to get the latest info and discussions with other Roblox players. Of course, in the PS4 will be open many more incredible adventures for all virtual world and provided the gamer community that interconnected. Are you waiting to play Roblox on PS4? So do I. We hope that day come soon!

The following official clarification from one Roblox admin “Jack Hendrik” via his Twitter @JackInTheRoblox on the last 1st July, 2016.

Roblox for PS4 - Jack Hendrik

Jack already streaming online for 2.5 hours to 150,000 twitch followers about the topic some awesome games which was trending on ROBLOX. Then someone asks “When Roblox available on the PS4?” then Jack saying “It is in the production stage, Roblox working together doing project with the Playstation 4. The release date has not been determined by us but it was immediately available!” He also said that Roblox will not be available for the old consoles like the Playstation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360, it will only be released on the latest game consoles for Playstation 4 (PS4) and XBOX One.

What’s the best console PS4 or Xbox One?

From the price PS4 feels clearly more affordable. Currently the PS4 priced at around $350 depending on the package offered. While the price of Xbox One is already more cost around $250.

PS4’s performance is clearly more powerful than Xbox One, but these differences are not enough to justify that purchase PS4 is more profitable than the Xbox One. One of the main factors determining the choice between the PS4 or Xbox One is the availability of games exclusively for each console. For fans of the racing game genre I think Xbox One will be more attractive. On the other hand for those who enjoyed the game with RPG genre, the options are provided exclusively for PS4 more varied when compared to Xbox One.

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  1. Hi my kids want a new console for Xmas but already have Xbox 360 so don’t really want to get them Xbox one as the only reason they want a new console is to play ROBLOX but I’d prefer them to get a PS4 can you please confirm roblox is available on PS4 or will be by Xmas

  2. When is roblox on ps4 coming this will took forever to release please release the date im waiting for it and please put the date on it to release it here pn this page

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