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Roblox guide for how to get all eggs in Egg Hunt 2020 is here. Today I am going to be showing you Roblox cheats how to get the Egg of Four Wonders.

First you need 4 people that has one of the 4 pieces.

I am going to now show you where the 4 pieces usually spawns.

Start with 1: It usually spawns there and sometimes in the barn.

Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2016 1

Piece 2: there

Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2016 2

And in the mines:

Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2016 3

Now piece 3 spawns in barn, right here:

Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2016 5

And piece four spawns under the bridge:

Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2016 6

So once again..

Piece 1 = Barn Fence
Piece 2 = Docks and Mines
Piece 3 = Inside Barn
Piece 4 = Under the Bridge

If you want see live, just watch a video tutorial below.

Once you find all the people with the 4 pieces you go to the sun dial behind the Arena. All person with each piece stands here:

Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2016 7

Then the egg will spawn in the middle and everyone that had a piece will get it.

I hope my tutorial will helped, thanks. Comeback everytime to my blog to get more update.

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