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Roblox+ extension Chrome refers to the trusted browser extension for enhancing the user experience that is available for Google Chrome or the other Chrome-based browsers such as Vivaldi, Opera, and Chromium. Roblox+ extension Chrome is  stylized as Roblox+ and R+. This extension was developed by WebGL3D and it is the only one that is available.

Roblox+ extension has a plenty of settings features available to the user. Here is the list of the settings and features of this tool:

  • Main Volume: It is the main volume for sound playback throughout extension.
  • Voice Volume: It is how loud the voice is.
  • Voice Gender: It is the gender of the voice. It can be default, male, or female.
  • Item Notifier: It is the sound that plays when the new item in the catalog comes out.
  • Trade Inbound: It is the sound that plays when you get the trade from someone.
  • Trade Outbound: It is the sound that plays when you send the trade.
  • Trade Completed: It is the sound that plays when the trade is complete.
  • Trade Declined: It is the sound that plays when the trade is declined by you or the other person.
  • Group Shout Notifier: It is the sound that plays when the group makes a shout.
  • Name Pronunciation
  • RAP: It displays the RAP of the user under their name in the forum post.
  • Embedding: It embeds the Youtube videos, decals, images, and audio links. Aside from that, it also changes text for item, and forum post links.
  • Embedded Image Size: It is the size for embedded images.
  • Navigation Counters: It updates the Friend Requests, Messages, Tix, and Robux without refreshing the page.
  • Trade Currency: It updates the trade currency rates without refreshing the page.
  • Sticky Trade Rates: It adds the current Robux and Tix rates under the currency in the navigation bar.
  • Item: When the item gets created or updated, you will get the notification.
  • Trade: You will be notified when you get, complete, decline, or send a trade.
  • Group Shout: You will be notified when the group makes a shout.
  • RAP: It displays the RAP of the user on their profile page.
  • Etc.

Please visit the Roblox Plus page on Wiki to see the full list of the features and settings of Roblox+ extension Chrome. In addition, the community of Roblox+ extension Chrome also can be a good source of information. Feel free to visit any source to get more information about Roblox+ extension Chrome.

Roblox+ extension Chrome is not a perfect thing. This extension cannot be separated with criticism. Some people have complained that the item notifier is reliable. Sometimes, Roblox+ extension Chrome is delayed to the point where the new limited items are already long past sold out by the time the notification is displayed.

This paragraph consists of the trivia of Roblox+ extension Chrome. According to Wiki, some features in the Roblox+ extension Chrome (such as the catalog notifier) are able to function because they send requests to certain web APIs and return the value to the client.

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