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To make a lot of players playing a game together at the same time, Roblox hosts game servers that are instances of the Roblox software running on computers owned by Roblox. So, if a player gets into a game, his client, the Roblox software running on his computer is either to put into communication with a new game server that will be made if there is no game server or it is put if all the available game servers are full.

The client of the player will download the whole place from the game server. When the changes occur on the client of a player, it will happen when the player moves his character and when the same events occur, the changes will be replicated to the server and then to all the other clients. So, all players will be able to see the characters of other players move and why changes done by scripts will be visible by each player. A game server and the clients connected to it together form a network. The networks of Roblox game servers are said to operate on a client-server model due to the way the network nodes are arranged. The clients communicate to the server and the server will communicate to the clients but the clients do not communicate directly with one another.

If you want to find servers in game, you have to first join the game that you want to play. In the game, there will be a lot of servers and you have to choose the one that you want to join. You can play with your friends in the same servers so that your characters and also your friends’ characters can meet each other in the game.

You may want to find the empty servers when you play games in Roblox so that you are able to play freely without having to receive bully from others. To find empty server or server with the least players can be done by using the help of Roblox + Extension for Google Chrome. This extension will permit you to search for servers easily and preview the population as well. After you install the extension, you have to access Roblox game and then start searching for servers. You can jump to the end of the list and then browse the pages. To make it quicker, you can hit F12 on the keyboard to launch the console and paste the code:


Get the code into the command line and keep pasting for a few seconds and then hit Enter. You can see the number of servers id going down in the counter at the bottom of the page. So, find the server list under Other Server with only one or two players. If you have got it, now you can exit the console and then you are able to scroll the list to locate an empty one.

After finding the servers with empty players or least players, now you can join that server and you are able to do anything there without having to worry to be bullied by other players.

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