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For all Roblox players, Roblox allows them to be able to create their own games. Anyone who has imagination and they want to make it true in the form of game, they can make it. Are you one of Roblox users who have an imagination for your game? If so, then it is a good thing because Roblox has feature for making your wish come true.

If we talk about making game, after that we will have to make Game Icon. Of course, to make people want to click and play the game, the icon of the game must be interesting. Do you want to make a game? Or maybe you have made a game in Roblox and now you are thinking about Game Icon of your game? It means you have to continue reading this article. The icon of game is square images and it should convey the meaning and style of your game. There are several tips to help you make icon which is eye catching, great and will attract players.

The first thing is the size. The size of your game icon must be maximum dimensions of 512×512 pixels. Then, the uploaded icons will be scaled down to smaller throughout the Roblox site and app. You have to know that some details in an icon can be lost when an icon is scaled down, particularly text. So, it is recommended for you to preview your icon at smaller sizes such as 128×128 and make sure the details remain clear. The second one is about Composition. The icon is the 1st experience that a lot of players will have with your game. So, it is a marketing tool which is important to think of. The third one is Coloring. You need to use the right color for your icon to express the core vibe of the game. The fourth one is Saturation. Highly saturated colors are able to make a game icon look dream-like but lower saturation can express a more somber tone.

The fifth one is Contrast. You need to showcase the game icon in a state which is most brilliant and viewable. If you use image with low contrast, it will often look washed out but if you use image with excessive contrast, it can look fake and unattractive. The sixth one is Final Treatment. Treatment or filtering pass is a global effect which is applied to evoke a specific tone. It can drastically alter the feeling of viewer about your game. The seventh one is Font. It is very important because it can become part of the identity of your game. When you choose a font for icon text, consider several things including:

  • You can choose a bold font. It is often used for stronger emphasis and to attract attention.
  • Choose the right font for icon text and it will make the composition more appealing.
  • You can vary font weights, styles and sizes to enhance game icons.
  • You can use all-lowercase fonts but all-uppercase fonts are more direct and can appear to be shouted.

Well that’s all some tips to make your game icons look outstanding. Hopefully, you can make a good one so that your game can get more players. Good luck!

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