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The term “folder” is used to call the simple container that is usually used to hold and organize the Roblox objects. Unlike the other container classes such as Model, this one offers no additional functionality.

What about Roblox heads folder? What does that mean? Roblox heads folder can refer to the file of the folder consists of the heads that can be used for your Roblox avatar. Aside from that, this one can also refer to the main folder. For instance, there is a folder named “Items”. Inside the folder, there are some other folders named “Hats”, “Shirts”, “Accessories”, and so on. The folder named “Items” is usually considered as the head folder.

These following paragraphs will uncover about the Roblox folder in general. As stated before, folder is the simple container that is usually used to hold and organize the Roblox objects. The folder object is known as the ideal thing for organizing and storing objects. You are not recommended to use folders to group BasePart’s as Model’s offer a range of useful functions for moving and manipulating the parts.

Folders can form part of the hierarchy of the game and are able to be accessed the same way as any object. Furthermore, they behave the same way as folders in the computer file system. It means they are also able to be parented to each other. All of them exist as a means for developers to better organize the multitude of objects required by complex games.

If you want to save the data stores to save values for you game, the first thing that you have to do is to insert a Script inside ServerScriptService. Then, paste this line:

local DSS = game:GetService(“DataStoreService”)

You have to get the DataStoreService before yo are able to call it. In this case, please create a variable called DSS, which stands for DataStoreService. This one is something short to reference, instead of having to say game:GetSErvice(“DataStoreService”) every single time.

The next thing that you have to do is to insert the block code that runs when the player and the character of the player are added. In general, when someone first joins the game, it will run whatever code you put inside it and it will happen for every player.

You are creating a new folder object, naming it Data, and placing it inside the Player. Then, you will instance of create an IntValue that can be called as Cash. Please set the default value to 0 and place it inside the Data folder. After that, go back near the top of the script under where you made the DSS variable and create the Data Store for the Cash. Do not forget to make it load and save. You are able to change the variable PlayerCash and the Cash text inside the quotation marks. Where it sets the Cash value to 0 by default, you will make it load the Cash or set it to 0 by default. If you has no save, this one will load what you had before. Please visit Wiki for details.

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