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Have you heard about HomingBeacon? It is one of famous Roblox players. He is also a former Incubator Intern at Roblox, co-developer of Zombie Rush, developer of Prison Tag, and the creator of DIY Dominus Empyreus and DIY Arctic Commando. Do you like playing Zombie Rush?

This game which was developed by him is a game about fighting off zombies and unlocking new weapons as you progress through levels or you are able to play as a zombie to complete the remaining survivors. You may want to know about him more. You are able to access his profile in Roblox. There, you are able to see that his avatar is wearing something unique including Darkheart, Red Banana of SQL Injection, Clockwork’s Headphones, Red Void Star, Back Axe Guitar, Black Iron Antlers, Black Domino Crown of Interns, Red Ice Crown, White Banded Red Top Hat, and Goldlika: Gamer. In his body parts, he is using WerewolfSwim, Red Glowing Eyes, Enormous Spider Legs, Cartoony Run, Zombie Walk, Robot Climb, Universal Studs Shirt, Universal Studs Pants, Astronaut Jump, Vampire Fall and Mage Idle.

You are also able to see that he has 173 friends, 48,000 followers and follows 377 people. He has joined Roblox since August 4, 2013 and his place has been visited more than 1,700,000 times. If you open his inventory, you are able to see that he has a lot of items including Zebra Head, B0neZ the Hacker Dog, 8-Bit Joystick Hat, Sunny Summer Hat, Sleepy Time Cap, Cap of Dreamers, Ant-Man Helmet and many others. He joins some groups including Fractured Studio, Beacon Studio, Lukewarm Pizza, Maroon Money, Alpha Fighters, Nightmare Simulators, Classics, TeamVenture, Cinder Studio, Beacon Studio LCC, RedManta: Pirate’s Life, ApolloCorp, Roblox Developer’s Conference, Astroworld and many more. Do you know that Roblox cooperates with Jazwares?

This online gaming platform cooperates with jazwres to make Roblox toys and HomeBeacon is one of the Roblox characters who is made into a Roblox toy. In the website of Jazwares, you will be able to see that there is HomeBeacon: The Whispering Dread. If you like this character, you are able to buy this and you will get 1 figure, collector’s Checklist, accessories, and also exclusive virtual item code. The code generally will be found on the front of the package or on the code card inside. When you get a virtual item code from the toy of HomingBeacon that you purchased, you are able to redeem it. T redeem it, you need to log in to your Roblox account. After that, access the Toy Code Redemption page. Then, you code has to be entered in the Enter Toy Code box. Click on the Redeem button and check out your awesome new item in your inventory. Make sure that you check in the right inventory category to discover the item.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the toy now in the nearest stores. Alternatively, you are also able to buy it online. Best Buy, Amazon, Target, CVS, Game Stop, Hot Topic, Learning Express, Shopko, Kmart, Value Drug are some stores that sell this toy.

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