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We often hear about IP address. But, do you know what it exactly is? IP stands for Internet Protocol so IP address is Internet Protocol address. It can be defined as numbers which is set to each device that is connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. This serves two main functions including host or network interface identification and location addressing.

Now, how about IP Roblox? Is there any Roblox IP finder? If you want to know the IP address of Roblox, it is The location for the IP of Roblox is in Washington as the capital, United States as the country and North America as the continent. Here are the detail information about it.

Domain                                :

IP Address                          :

Hostname                           :

Continent                            : North America

Country                                : United States

Capital                                  : Washington

ISP                                          : National Center for Atmospheric Research

Continent Lat/Lon:          : 46.07305 / – 100.546

Country Lat/Lon               : 38 / 098

City Lat/Lon                        : (37.751) / (-97.822)

IP Language                        : English

After knowing information about Roblox IP, now is it possible to find or track the IP of someone on Roblox? If it is possible, what Roblox IP finder that we have to use? Based on It Still Works website, you are able to track someone’s IP on Roblox by using these steps.

  • First, you need to access Roblox Studio.
  • Then, in the Roblox Studio, choose “Workspace” from the drop down menu on the right to be able to access the variables of the level.
  • Now, you have to find the folder named “Script” and then you have to open it by clicking on it. If you do this, it will open the code of this game world.
  • After that, you have to input the codes below.

game.ChildAdded:connect(function(child) if child:IsA(“NetworkServer”) then child.IncommingConnection:connect(function(IP, replicator)“StringValue”, workspace).Name = IP print(IP) end) end)

This portion of the code will record the IP address of other Roblox players when they get into your game.

  • Now, you are able to save your changes.
  • You have to host a server with your game and then you need to wait for another player to join. The IP addresses of characters will appear as text on your screen whenever another player joins the game.

However, even though you are able to find the IP address of other Roblox players, you need to know that this activity can make you banned from Roblox. So, if there is no benefits that you will get from tracking the IP address of others, it is better for you not to do this or it will risk you.

Some people need to know the IP address of someone in Roblox usually because they want to know the location of someone. For example, a Roblox player in a forum of says that he wants to know the IP address of someone in Roblox because there is his friend who is getting cyber bullied over Roblox. He contacted Roblox to report it but he does not get any responds yet. So, he wants to know where does the person who bullies come from.

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