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If you are veteran Roblox player, you probably know about the game of Mining Simulator. Indeed, Mining Simulator can be mentioned as a collection of gorgeous games under one developer. All Mining Simulator game totally can answer what the gamer need for such a game. So, what is the game look like?

As we have described about Mining Simulator game above, actually you will be directed into one awesome game of Mining Simulator that attract many gamer to play it. The game can be called as Legendary Hat Crate. This game can be mentioned as the second best-non-limited hat crate type in the game. Lots of Roblox players have played this game for long time. It is because this game offers something mythical so that makes the players so curios in playing it.

The Legendary Hat Crate is the best hat crate game type in the game of Mining Simulator on Roblox. The hat on crate can be obtained by purchasing it by Robux, Rebirth Tokens or obtained from quests. Furthermore, if you want to get this Legendary Hat Crate, actually you have to spend Robux for 100R$.  If the players are successful in playing this game, automatically, they will get reward at the end of some quests. The reward can be redeemed by certain codes and also form the Group Benefits Bubble Gum Machine for everyone who belongs to the Runway Rumble Group.

This Legendary Hat Crate Mining Simulator game give the ease to the players in earning the points. If the players get 2x Tokens gamepass, it requires at least 5 Rebirths to purchase this item in the Rebirth Shop. Meanwhile, without 2x Tokens gamepass, it requires at least 9 Rebirths to purchase this item in the Rebirth Shop.

2x Tokens Rebirths
Yes 32
No 63

If you are so curious about the rarity in finding the hat on Mining Simulator, definitely you will get the answer by looking the table below.

Common 0%
Unique 0%
Rare 0%
Epic 0%
Legendary 95%
Mythical 5%

So, we can see that the Legendary Hat Crate is a rare hat which is so difficult to get. Even though, this is what makes the Legendary Hat Crate game offers some challenge for the players to break it out.

However, you need to know the names of Legendary Hat Crate Mining Simulator. Why? It is because the name of hat determines how much Robux you will get. Certainly, there are dozens of name of this Legendary Hat Crate, but we just share some of them.  Here we go!

Dominus Vespertilio Alien Cyber Dominus
Doombringer Angelic Wings Demon Horns
Electric Dominus Azurewrath Dominus Astra
Fire Dominus Bacon Hair Dominus Aureus
Flaming Headphones Blue Sparkle Time Dominus Empyreus
Galaxy Dominus Bluesteel Fedora Dominus Frigidus
Gravestones Boos White Hat Dominus Interfus
Green Sparkle Time Chef Hat Dominus Messor

Well, you already know about the names of Legendary Hat Crate Mining Simulator. So, it is time for you to choose this game on Roblox. Have a Nice Play!

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