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Roblox may be familiar for many peoples, but also there are few peoples who do not yet what the roblox is. Everyone has the right to imagine, create, and play together in the family friendly with the safety environment, this is means that your children safety and privation go to be serious.

Before we know further about the Roblox, we should know detail information about what the Roblox. Roblox Corporation is the member of Seal Kidsafe Program by  the federal of Trade Commission as a harbor that had been safe authorized under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

Roblox can offer the million children in 3D world for exploration, meet with the players, and games for family friendly game that can be accessed freely in any devices as well. this is means that you can Roblox download in your any devices that you want to play. It called as Roblox which Platform imagination for a good reason. In the Roblox, all of the 3D world, games, and the experiences can be made by the players.

After the players had been registered then you can choose the avatar, you can login in Roblox login screen in your device. Beside that you can visit the official Roblox login page for your registered. If you want to Roblox sign in, you can insert the username and password. For alternatives, you can sign in using your facebook account. If you do not register yet, you can built your sign in as well. visit the Roblox login page to set up, or you can visit for built your sign up. you need insert your birthday date, gender, the desire username, password then confirm your password. Then you can click Sign Up and you need to agree the term of service, privacy policy and Licensing Agreement from the Roblox.

The register and login are quite simple that make the children or user can use in easier way. The player also can play for free. However, the members in Builder Club need to pay to get the extra policies, such as: extra access for premium item for the customize your cool avatar, there is no advertisement in your screen and able to manage some locations. The Builders Club member can pay start from $5,95 per month (less than 20c per day) and the lower cost which available for 6 months or annual users as well.

If you want to join with the Builders Club member, you can navigate from the if your child has the Roblox account, you only need to sign up for finishing the register process. if not, you can set with the username and the temporary password at first. In digital era with the new innovation technology, the parents must be keeping watching about what they play in your child device. The parents should be wise to choose the best game that can educate their children.

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