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When you explore Roblox, it is not impossible that you find an awesome map and you want to have it. In Roblox, a lot of talented developers and players so that you may find map which is attractive. Instead of making a nice map as they do, you may think of copying other’s map.

If you search information about this on Youtube, you may find a lot of results. One of the results is a video of Demolution RBLX entitled Roblox Map Copier V1. This video was published on February 14th, 2018 and now it has been viewed more than 350 times. In the video, you are able to see how he uses the Map Copier. Unfortunately, he does not give the link of where you are able to download the Map Copier. In the video, he try to copy the Apocalypse Rising which is a game created by Gusmanak. But, you can try to watch it to add your knowledge.

Another video that you can find on Youtube is [Tutorial] Roblox Hack/ Script || How To Copy Any Game |||| Maps, Scripts, & More || [Free] [Jan 2] which was published on January 2nd, 2019 by GoogledMusic. Now, this video has been watched more than 46k times. As you can see in the title of the video, it seems that by using the software that he uses on video, you cannot copy only the game but also the map.

In the video, you can see that you are able to get the script on his site on Pastebin. In the video, the game that he joins is Super Power Training Simulator by The State Of Mind. You have to join any game that you want to copy. After you join a game on Roblox, now you have to inject your exploit. In the video, he uses Synapse and it is 20 dollars 1 time pay. Now, you have to paste, press F9 and then execute. If the console is stopped, it will be formatted to a file. After this, you have to go to your Workspace folder on your exploit to be able to find the file. And now, you are able to enjoy it.

Well, if you need a help about copying a map, you are able to ask to other people who expert in it or you are able to ask about it on a forum. In forum, usually there are threads about copying a map, game and any other things of a game. If you need some information about copy or steal game using script, you are also able to read other articles in this site.

As we recommend above, watching video is also a good idea for you to understand about copying map. However, you need to know that sources about exploits, copying or stealing game or map is not much in the internet. It may be because this action is forbidden actually. So, before you copy a map or game by using map copier, it is better for you to think twice and it will be better if you make a game or map by yourself without copying or stealing from others because it is related to the copyright. It is not impossible that you will be reported if you do this illegal action except if you have permission from the owner of the game/ map.

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